Cabin with an earthen roof near Folkestad, Norway.

Contributed by Nora Saparova.

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I want to write a fantasy story about an old, kickass, scarred 80 year old grandma solving murder mysteries. 

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An epic love story begins.

Oh man. I went out to walk a nearby forest path with mom today, and it’s like a 45 min walk. Only, I started feeling some pain on my right inner thigh and turns out to be I got a hole in my tights so it’s been chafing. 

Comes home, it hurts a little but it’s alright. Changed tights and went to the store and then ate dinner and played oblivion for a while. But now it really fucking hurts. Like, I have to walk like a crab with me feet super away from each other, because it hurts like hell when anything (including my other thigh) touches the burnt area. Damn, I’m supposed to do some yoga in my mindfulness course tomorrow. 

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Monster of the Day: Mythic Owlbear by BenWootten

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thought this was a useful infographic

add “might” to all of these and boom

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Rina Takeda [x]

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so bioware apparently wants the DA:I players to never see sunlight again

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melts; da;


Fenris has dead bodies in his mansion even in Act Fuckin III??


yyyou know what, i’ll just take my dog with me

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It was a trap. [video]

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