The feta cheese and pesto pie turned out pretty good. Lil brother loved it. 

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 ”Blade was Marvel’s first film success, and set the stage for further comic film adaptations. ”

And yet we haven’t had a black lead hero movie since then.  Funny how that happens, huh?

that’s so stupid, just coz he’s black you have to make a point of it… pretty sure Samuel jackson is black, and he’s in a few marvel successes… wanker.


Samuel L. Jackson is supporting cast, not the lead.  If you’ve seen Blade and all of the Marvel movies that Sam Jackson popped up in, then you’d KNOW that it’s not the same.  

I have to make a point of it when Kevin Feige continues to be wishy-washy regarding whether or not we’ll have a Black Panther movie, since there seems to be some “confusion” on Marvel’s part if anyone “wants” the movie (same goes for female lead Captain Marvel).  

You think a black man in a supporting role, or appearing in the after credit scene, is the same thing as THE LEAD for his own franchise???

GTFOH with that bullshit. 

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"Stop praising mediocre white men for their sexist, boring works of fiction."

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what the helllll

Im doing a feta cheese and pesto pie for the family, but i’m scared because there’s so few ingredients

thankfully i bought some shit to make a salad to eat with it but still  

pls like, family

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  • Cullen - Female Inquisitor Only
  • Cassandra - Male Inquisitor Only
  • {NEW} Solas - Dalish Female Inquisitor Only  - RACE GATED 


  • Josephine -F&M Inquisitors
  • Iron Bull - F&M Inquisitors


  • Dorian - Male Inquisitor Only
  • Sera -Female Inquisitor Only


ONE REMAINS. Between: Blackwall or Vivienne. 

Mom’s on her way home now

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elf only?????


if she had been like, i’d like for you to be here, rather than, do you want to go, i’d have gone, absolutely 

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aaah, i feel bad for not going with my moms bf to gävle and being with mom in the hospital

but like, i don’t want to see her in the hospital because she’s the strongest person i know and that’s terrifying 

and my anxiety would be going through the roof def

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Dragon Age: Awakening Companions

more like Dragon Age: Unromanceable NPC Hell

bootlegprecious replied to your post:what am i going to eat today? thinking about…

Asså man kan aldrig gå fel med en god kebabtallrik. Mums.

ska fan köra på det. Hoppas sibylla är öppet, de har inga öppentider online här inte

valicaron replied to your post:what am i going to eat today? thinking about…

så länge du får i dig näring. vettefan vad man ska äta själv tbh. det enda som finns tillgängligt i huset är snabbmakaroner med falafel och ketchup och typ???? fan vad jag behöver gå ut och handla

kan inte riktigt tänka mig att falafel är gott med ketchup? Ska fan vara nån sorts vitlökssås till dem. 

Varför har de inte uppfunnit sådana kylskåp som man kan beställa mat på framsidan, och så är maten plötsligt levererad till kylskåpet, direkt liksom